Welcome to Liber One step closer to a new normal

About Liber

At Liber we believe good things happen when people get together. Live events & business gatherings are a key benchmark in our return to normal.

From the largest music venue to a series of select high-value networking events – we’re making sure you can meet sooner while ensuring your wellness and safety is front of mind. 

How? By bringing together self-certification, screening, test & trace technology and want for shared experiences. 

We have created a platform that allows you, and the people or technology you connect with, to help know you are in a COVID-free space, making experiences safe for all to enjoy.

By downloading our App before an event and remaining free from contact with health risks, you can gain entry to a Liber-supported event, be it sporting, culture or business.  

How we can help

Step 1 – Social Easing

As the peak of coronavirus becomes a painful but distant memory, our aim is to help kick-start our economy – ensuring safe, informed events that don’t compromise the R number and continue to protect the NHS & our vital key workers.

Using test and trace technology we help your event team manage the changing government & health guidelines to safely host a business or social gathering with minimal threat from the virus, collaborating with your attendees as active users.

Step 2 – Social Acceptance

As guidelines become clearer on the ability to meet more freely, we’ll accommodate the latest best practice for your events to get back to business, firing up the engines of the economy.

What is an essential international meeting? What is the impact in your city of more relaxed Covid-19 guidelines? Working closely with industry leaders and monitoring government policy, Liber’s platform will help facilitate your event experiences.

Step 3 – A New Normal

With the passing of the peak, a new normal is returning for all. A vibrant economy is key and finding the best, most proved tools to power
your workforce will be key.

Understanding unrestricted meetings & events, the latest trends in managing events, entertainment and gatherings, Liber will help
your teams prosper.  Our business solution integrates into the latest industry services, supporting national and regional gateways to secure shared experiences.